Clever Storage Solutions for Rental Properties

When it comes to storage solutions for rental properties, it’s important to consider options that are both practical and easy to install without causing any damage to the property. Here are a few clever storage solutions to consider.

Over-the-Door Organisers

These are great for adding extra storage space to closets, bathrooms, or even pantries. They can be easily hung over any standard door without the need for tools or hardware. Perfect for storing toiletries, spices, or cleaning supplies.

Under-Bed Storage

Utilise the space under your bed by using storage containers that slide easily under the frame. This is a great option for storing out-of-season clothes, bedding, extra linen, or shoes.

Command Hooks

These hooks come in a variety of sizes and strengths and can be used to hang many things without causing damage to the walls. They are a great option for hanging towels, hats, keys, or even picture frames. Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before applying to avoid damage.

Rolling Storage Carts

These versatile carts can store anything from pantry items to cleaning supplies. They are easy to move around and can be tucked away in a closet when not in use.

Adjustable Closet Systems

Many rental properties have basic closet systems that don’t provide enough storage. An adjustable closet system can be installed without damaging the walls and can be customised to fit any size closet.

Remember to always get permission from your landlord before making any modifications to your rental property.

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